Spark Spray

Spark Your Mind!

A Fast Acting Nootropic that:

  • Helps focus your mind
  • Increases awareness & efficiency
  • Restores motivation & drive

How it Works

Spark Spray stimulates and interacts with neurotransmitters in the brain that are related to:

  • Increasing energy, alertness and focus
  • Enhanced memory and learning
  • Increased cerebral blood flow
  • Problem solving and verbal cognition

Knowledge is Power!

We’ve formulated Spark Spray to include the most powerful nootropic ingredients currently available. Combine that with the most effective method of delivery and nothing can compare. Many nootropics are degraded in the intestine and liver, not ours, sublingual reigns supreme! Our proprietary blend synthesizes the perfect balance of ingredients to ensure that you’ll experience maximum results! Unlike other nootropic products, many of our ingredients display reverse tolerance, meaning their effectiveness increases with use. If you’ve found other products lacking the power you need, Spark Spray will give you the boost you’re looking for.

Who Uses Spark Spray?

Formulated for those who need a mental edge:

If you work in a mentally demanding or highly technical industry Spark Spray is for you. Our customers are professionals who need that extra edge before pulling that all nighter or walking into an important meeting and can’t afford to wait hours or days for the supplement to produce effects. Whether you’re stepping off the plane in a different time zone, trudging through a 60 hour work week, or cramming through countless lines of code, Spark Spray will ignite the engine that is your mind.

Clear Your Mind

No other product produces such instant and lasting effects:

A few quick sprays, a few deep breaths and your mind will begin operating at its peak efficiency. Pointless thoughts fade away and everything becomes crystal clear. In today’s fast paced world a thousand different things are constantly vying for your attention, it helps to have something to help you distinguish the signal from the noise.

The Spark

Near instant effects give you the edge you need WHEN you need it, not days or hours later. Several of the ingredients in our formula display properties of reverse tolerance meaning the effects shouldn’t diminish with use.

Gear Up

Our bottle fits right in your pocket and is intended to be used on the the go. All it takes is a little spark to get your gears turning. Spark Spray can jump start your brain into a state of focus, creativity, and increased productivity.

Secret Formula

Sure our ingredients are printed right on the label, but after countless hours of experimenting in the lab we’ve found the perfect nootropic balance and quantities that, when combined, create a one of a kind synergy.